First PH cycle...PCT advice much appreciated!

  1. First PH cycle...PCT advice much appreciated!

    I'm about a week away from completing a 4 week cycle (havoc 20/30/30/40) and am debating on which route to take as far as PCT goes. Im definitely running a SERM but am not sure if I should go with Nolva, Clomid, or both. Would both be overkill? or are there any hazards I should be aware of from running clomid/nolva together? Im sure this question has been answered on here a million times but I couldnt find anything discussing Clomid/Nolva together. If you have experience with PH's any insight would be much appreciated!

  2. How quick are you expecting to get your nolva or clomid?? I hope you dont get caught short. PCT need to start the day after last dose. If you do a cycle again, you should make sure to already have your PCT in the house and planned fully.

    Nolva or clomid should be ok on their own. The difference between the two is something you can find on the internet. Decide which you would prefere. When I was going to do an epi cycle I was going to use Nolva(personally). All depends too on how your cycle has gone.... Any side effects to speak off? How the testicals? You might want to use a teso booster to help get libido back up and nuts swinging happy again.

  3. Bro, make sure you have your PCT ancillaries when your cycle begins. What if life threw you a curveball and you weren't able to take the PH for a month and had no Nolva on hand ? What if gyno popped up quickly and aggressively ? I would personally go with Nolva over Clomid but Toremifene is even better IMO. I would focus on cortisol control during PCT as well (900 mg of phosphetidyl-serine). You don't need both Clomid and Nolva.

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