Items include: 2 x GP Nolva, 2 x GP Clomiphene,
2 x GP Anastrozole
Length: 5 weeks
Weeks 1-4- 40 mg GP Nolva per day
Weeks 1-4 100mg GP Clomiphene per day
Weeks 1-5 1mg GP Anastrozole per day

This is a basic PCT protocol to help those coming off cycle to
restore natural testosterone function and to avoid estrogen
rebound. Those coming off of shorter esters (Test Prop,
Tren Ace, all orals) will want to start this the week following
their last injection or discontinuance of taking an oral.
Those finishing a cycle of longer esters (Test Cyp, Test &
Tren Enathate, Deca, Boldenone) will want to wait a week
after finishing their cycle to allow the hormones to begin to
clear their system before starting recovery. Starting on day
one, take 2 GP Nolva, 2 GP Clomiphene, and 1 GP Anastrozole
every day. Continue the Nolvadex and Clomid for 4 weeks,
while continuing to take the Anastrozole for 5 weeks.