Anavar Post Cycle

  1. Anavar Post Cycle

    Was wondering if this would be an acceptable post cycle for my anavar cycle:

    Week 1 : 20mg Anavar
    Week 2: 30mg Anavar
    week 3: 40mg Anavar
    week 4: 50mg Anavar
    week 5: 20mg Anavar
    week 6: 10mg Anavar

    Week 7-10: Divanex(nettle root), T-Rez(Resveratrol)
    Week 7-8: Tribuliod

    I will also start using Cycle assist one week before I start the cycle, till 2 weeks after. I might throw in hgh in postcyle. I will be fish oil, multi, taurine and garlic throught cycle, and creatine, beta-alanine and citrulline-malate at start of post cycle.

    My main concern is if the resveratrol will be enough for estrogen, and nettle to help with test levels,im trying to go natural and not use anything else that can show up on bloodwork.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. I dont like that pct at all. You might check out triazole. It's natural. Also I'd hit some nolva week 5 to help with test and let it get out of your system week 6. Then hit the triazole week 6. Tribuloid? what for?

  3. The tribuliod is just to help with libido. If I do 2 weeks of nolva, should I do it week 5-40 mg, and week 6-20mgs, then triazole week 7. Thanks for the help

  4. I have never done PCT when taking only anavar.....

  5. Gotcha with the tribuloid. Some people think it helps with raising test and wanted to set that straight. Yes the nolva week 5-6 would work. Depends how how quickly you want it out of your system. Remember it has a halflife of about 5 days.



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