m-drol Pct

  1. m-drol Pct

    M-Drol Cycle 30 days.
    2-weeks prior to cycle
    600mg of milk thistle a day
    180g protein a day

    Cycle starts
    m-dro l- 10/20/20/20
    600mg milk thistle a day
    300g protein a day

    Rui 50mL Liquid Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) 60mg first day/ 40/40/30/20
    600 mg milk thistle a day for 4 weeks after last day of cycle
    300mg of saw palmetto for 4 weeks after last day of cycle
    30 days of creatine.
    180g of protein a day

    Im on my 4th day.
    i was at 166lb solid for the past 2 weeks and now i am 169
    past two days i have been alot more hungry.

    today i noticed my balls were a little tender, and for a sec or two it felt like my balls had a shock go threw them...painful but bearable

  2. o yeah i forgot to add im also taking 300 mg of saw palmetto a day durring cycle.

    does everything seem normal and ok?

  3. I would throw in something for blood pressure, lipids and cortisol control...but the rest looks good and wouldn't hurt to increase the milk thistle...

    I usually take 2000mg in the am upon wake up and 2000mg right before bed with any SD cycle...good luck mang!

  4. thanks for your help

  5. any other advise would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I would hold off the creatine until after PCT. It could cause unwanted water retention added onto the already wet gains of m-drol. Also, creatine will make virtually no difference in your physique coming off of such a strong PH so save it until your back to natty.
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