Favorite cycle support supplement?

  1. Favorite cycle support supplement?

    I'm looking at two diff cycle supports, the one by A.I and the one by competetive edge labs..anyone have any experience with either?

  2. I'm a big fan of CEL's product, but in all fairness I haven't tried the other one.

  3. they're pretty much neck to neck, the only diff i would say are the forms they come in. can't go wrong with either or, they're both a win/win.
    me personally though seem to like AI's cycle support 2.0 orange flavor
    Muscle Pharm's Battle Fuel, BCS Cycle Stack, and Purus Labs Organ Shield are also solid support supps, while on cycle

  4. i was going to run on cycle and 2 weeks into PCT

  5. that's what's up, as i mentioned previously they're all good money, they'll all serve it's purpose. i seem to go with AI'S cycle support cause of it's rawness being it's a powder and not packed into any caps, so it seem to go to work faster, also you could mix it to your powders(creatine, protein, juice, water, coffee, etc) you smell me. it's a lil more versatile



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