Where to buy Clomid/SERMS

  1. Where to buy Clomid/SERMS


    Having a difficult time tracking down proper PCT. I know theres a tons of posts on the site regarding this very subject; I'm just trying to make sure I get my ducks in a row BEFORE starting anything (research, research, research)

    I'm going to run a 19-nor based stack. Maybe Cellucor's product, maybe CEL X-tren (anyone have any insight on X-tren). Was thinking about possibly stacking with something if anyone has any insights--looking for lean muslce, possibly a little bit of a cutting stack. Anything but wet.

    I have my Test booster and some 6-bromo currently but I don't feel confident that is enough.

    Would love a few quick suggestions (PCT additions including doseage) and any trustworthy sources (websites) y'all have used.

    People are always reviewing the products but not the sources. I think that'd be super helpful.

    Thanks so much brothers!

  2. no one is going to post sources for you for many reasones.you will need a serm for 19-nor do more research. try reasearching chemicals you want to use

  3. My post was sayin that I know I need a Serm, I was just wondering if y'all had any reputable online sources.

    I've done my homework, I know what I need, just not entirely sure where to get it.

    As far as askin for stacking advice, I was just trying to solicit some responses based on other's experiences. I actually came off 19-nor just fine with Cellucor's p6 Red and 6-bromo, I just feel like I might have been a little lucky (not enough research) and especially if I'm stacking another anabolic want something stronger!!

  4. Read the rules. No asking for sources. you should try to RESEARCH on GOOGLE
    **** Line @ NUTRAPLANET

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:




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