oral hcg

  1. oral hcg

    has anyone heard anything good or tried this form of hcg I found some and it said homeopathic can this be something that may help in the middle of cycle?? Thanks

  2. dont think there is any legit oral hcg (or more people would be using it)
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  3. Agreed. Only form of HCG that is around, and is useful is injectable only.............as far as I know

  4. never heard of it
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  5. injectable HCG is the only thing i heard of. Use a 30g slin pin you barley feel it plus its injected sub-q. I do it every 4 days. mu current cycle trasdermal test 250mg per week, stacked with 1-t 5ml 2 times per day and superdrone(3 weeks) 5mg 2 times a day.

  6. yeah homeopathic HCG is not the same. its all natural herbs and what not. not the HCG used for cycles.

  7. okay thanks everyone

  8. hcg is really only used on injectable cycles, shouldnt be a problem pinning this as well haha
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  9. you really barley feel it. The only thing that sucks are the pins i get aren't removable. so you use the in 2 times. once to draw and once to pin you still barley feel anything though.

  10. never heard of it dont waste ur cash

  11. Yea man injectable hcg is the only thing you should be using. This other stuff is bogus.


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