Nolva (Tamoxifen) Use By?

  1. Nolva (Tamoxifen) Use By?

    I have been having a clear out over the weekend and come across a couple of sachets of Nolva I bought roughly 5 years ago.

    Would it still be good?

    Embossed on the foil side is 001 5 2006 - could be May 2006 use by?

  2. Sounds like 2006 expiration. I wouldn't chance it with it being that old. These are your hormones you're messing with my friend.

  3. I agree - the timing was great at first as I am looking to order my next PH stack (but always wait till my SERM arrives before doing so - cant have the PH'S waiting and not start!) and found them and thought no need to wait 2 weeks, nevermind.

  4. Good luck buddy...

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