Erection .. What do you think?

  1. Erection .. What do you think?

    I'm 21. When I was younger and uneducated about AAS I took a Tren and Superdrol PH back to back (without knowing what it was, and not using a PCT). As you can imagine I was shutdown horribly. My loads were basically nothing and the chance of an erection was basically not even there. I went to get it tested and my test levels were on the low range of normal (260). I took Animal Stak for a natural test boost and within a month I was up to about 650. My libido was still pretty crushed though but greatly improved. This was all around August 2009.

    In November 2009, I did a Letrozole cycle (PCT'd with clomid for 4 weeks) to try and rid myself of some gyno. And my libido was still pretty brutal, so I got cialis. It works great and allowed me to hide the issue from my girlfriend.

    Right before spring break in march, I ran a 5 week tbol-sdrol bridge PCT'd with 50/50/50/25 Clomid, followed by 20/20 Nolva. Once I got into the Nolva, my libido dropped drastically (as I was told it would).

    It is now mid-May and I have some issues here. My erections are very inconsistent. Somedays I wake up with morninge erections and Im horny randomly. My loads are fine. Where as other days my libido is brutal... It feels like sometimes my libido is satisfactory, and sometimes its horrible and I cant keep it up at all or get it fully hard.

    When I take a cialis, I get random erections nonstop and I get it up super easy. And it stays up and stays firm.

    Does anybody have any insight from my past on what might be going on right now?

  2. First off I would say stay away from sdrol, seems to affect your body pretty negatively. Go get full bw done... Estro, test., prolactin among other things. Have any testicle atrophy? Or they "boyz" come back after clomid?

  3. Go get bloodwork done. Its the only way to tell whats causing your libido issues.

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