Post PCT Question

  1. Post PCT Question

    I finished up my PCT last week, went and got bloodwork done Monday. Test was fine at 626, but the problem is my sex drive/libido hasnt returned like I think it should have by now.

    My PCT was Clomid 50mg/day, and TRS from Primordial. What can I take or do to get my sex drive where it needs to be? I thought maybe my test levels were low, so I was shocked when they came back this good.

  2. when did you get done w/ clomi?
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  3. A week ago.
  4. UKStrength
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    It might take a bit longer mate, wait it out and get some bloodwork. I start to feel 'myself' again in terms of libido by about week 8 but again this depends on the cycle you ran and for how long.

    How did you find the testosterone recovery stack? Might be an idea to run our tesosterone conversion factor-1 next time during PCT (I'll be adding it to my next PCT and running it solo soon).

    We're having some great feedback on TCF-1 at the moment, it's constantly out of stock it's shifting so fast!

  5. I would rec SUSTAIN ALPHA LIQUA-VADE - info:

    * Natural ingredients delivered straight to the blood stream
    * Resveratrol blocks estrogen and boosts testosterone
    * 7,8 Benzoflavone increases libido and supports fertility
    * Enhances blood flow to the penis for harder erections
    * Increases sexual sensitivity, pleasure and ejaculatory volume

    and maybe T-911: (yohimbine) = better errection/libido

    these two would help sex drive/libido.
    look into it. :-)

  6. The tcf-1 might be a better option, you might have completely wiped out your estrogen/testosterone balance, it does you no good to have a 600's level test if your estrogen is too low it will negatively effect your sex drive, it may effect your muscle gains as well. I also read that the tcf-1 helps convert cholesterol into test, so some health benefits as well.


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