Post-Cycle Injury, will gains stay??

  1. Post-Cycle Injury, will gains stay??

    Ok so I just finished my 6 week cycle of T-bol. Gained 21 lbs and loved it. Very few side effects, minor pumps and a little bit of shut down. On to the real point... With about 4 days left on cycle I was on my leg day, doing some pretty heavy squats (for me). After all my leg stuff I went to do some abs on the decline bench. After about 5 reps I got a minor tweak next to my balls in my groin and right at the base of my penis. I discontinued the abs and went back and iced.
    I continued working out, doing lots of weight obviously, I was feeling like I could lift the entire gym at that point. The pain was usually dull and never got too sharp. Normally I would've taken a few days off but since I was at the end of my cycle I really wanted to push hard through the weekend before I started PCT. I talked to a friend who has done some cycles before (this was my first) and he said that sometimes when experiencing shutdown you can get a little tenderness in your boys. So I just kept going...
    It got to the point on friday that it hurt to bend down at all to do things like put on socks. Went to the Dr. and they said I had a possible hernia, but it wasn't a real dr. I think he was a PA or w/e they call them. He just did a turn your head a cough test. Seeing as I have no bulge and the pain has lessened with 2 days of rest, I think a hernia is out of the question. So, any thoughts on that aspect?
    Also, do you have ligaments or tendons or w/e running from your pelvis to the base of your penis? That is where my pain is centralized now.
    Bottom line, I'm taking a week off. Don't want to hurt my body, and I have to admit I'm feeling better each day.
    In terms of losing my gains, how fast could this happen with me taking a week off right as I start my PCT? This was the worst possible time an injury could happen. I'm continuing to eat like a madman but I feel like I should let myself heal then hit it hard for the last 4 weeks of my PCT. Anyone more experienced please feel free to chime in and give any advice/info on the situation.

  2. sounds like a hernia i would get it checked out by a real doc and u gotta do what u gotta do and work around it if u really wanna keep all ur gains

    atleast take it easy but u gotta keep training then hit it hard for the last 4 wks

    gains can be lost pretty fast depending on the cycle so light workouts will atleast let u maintain them

    question for u what is the formula active ingredient for t-bol seems like an interesting product

  3. That sucks man, do you have an ultrasound appointment?

    I think the first week of pct would be the best time to take time off. You usually continue to grow a lil on the first week off cycle so you should be fine. Just take some creatine and keep your protein high while you rest to help maintain gains.

  4. well when i fell out of sync and was only working out a few times a month I still drank whey, bcaa's, etc. I held a lot of my size going to the gym 3 times a month for 3-4 months. I have been back to 2hrs a day/5 days a wk for 6 months and got back to tip top shape rather quick.

    I also read an article in muscle and fitness about some strength and conditioning team taking breaks from training, one tokk BCAA/glut mixure 3 times a day, the others a fake or placebo pill. The BCAA group gain .8lbs and the other one lost 1.9lbs.

    Stay on cycle and see what happens. I would try to take in all the protein you can. If you can train very lightly after 4-5 days of rest you should be able to continue on with your plan.

    on a side note I have hernia too, I only feel the pull/tear when I do deadlifts/squats very heavy. But its for sure there, lower left area just under the waist.

  5. Bro my guess is hernia get that checked out asap



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