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  1. PCT Help

    I am about to finish an h-drol cycle where i have gone 50/50/75/75/75/100

    i have nolva and clomidex
    i was going to use the nolva at 20/20/10/10
    should i not use the clomidex if i am going to use the nolva?
    and when is the best time to take the pct?

  2. for h-drol i would just use one or the other no need for bolth. i like nola and 20/20/10/10 will be fine imo
    start you pct the day after you end your cycle.
    i take my nolva in the morning that way if i get moody it's a work not home but that just me.you should be fine taking it any time.

  3. you could use both. Ive used just nolva, just torem, and nolva/clomid and nolva/clomid was BY FAR the best.

    If you dose both, dose nolva 20/20/10/10 and clomid 25/25/25
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  4. ok thank you

  5. ya only need 1 and dosing time doesnt matter
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  6. word!!!!!!!!


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