Help w/ PCT Dosing

  1. Help w/ PCT Dosing

    Hey guys, I'm currently on week 3 of my H-drol Cycle @ 75Mg. Everything is going good, and hope to run it another 2 weeks. As far as my PCT, I have:

    Nolva: 20/20/10/10
    Activate Xtreme: As Recommended
    Reduce Xt: 3/2/2/1

    I plan to start Nolva Week 1 of PCT, Act Xtreme Week 1 and Reduce Starting Week 2 or 3.

    Can someone help critique my dosing, specifically for the products listed above? Thanks again guys.

  2. Looks good brotha...I would also throw in a liver protectant like liver juice or liv52 or milk thistle in need to tapper down the reduce xt imo...good luck!

  3. every thing looks good to me.if things are going good you could bump the h-drol to 100 your last week but thats up to you.

  4. thanks everyone for the help.

  5. looks good, have fun!
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