i had a few questions bout estro being high. if you dont have any gyno is that a clear sign that your estro lvls are fine or just bcuz that doesnt show up could u still have pretty high estro lvls?? i had some side effects like i feel like put on some weight around the waste (wasnt as cut) and some ed issues as well. thought it may have been low test lvls but Got my test lvls checked and it was up at 650 which looks to be at a good lvl. i did not on the other hand get my estro lvls checked which i plan on doing here in the next week because i cant seem to find out what the deal is right now. My junk has stayed smaller then usual as well, was wondering if high estro is the problem and i lowered it, would that bring my junk back to relative normal size since the high estro could be causing them to stay slightly smaller?? also if it was high, what do you think would be the best to get it lowered? which AI?
Also libido is still kind of low... what product is better to jump start that??
vitrix or black magic??