Reversitol enough PCT for Phera Plex Havoc bridge?

  1. Reversitol enough PCT for Phera Plex Havoc bridge?

    hello peps of AM im planing on doing PP and Havoc bridge cycle in about two months. just want to ask if Reversitol is enough for PCT?

  2. No Love?

  3. Not even close bro. What is your past experience with PH/DS? Have you run anything prior? You should definitely have a SERM prior to beginning the cycle and certainly for after. Those are both some big nuts hormones. What does your cycle plan look like, assuming you have one?

  4. no get a serm

  5. okay i've done a halotest 25 cycle with just powerlabs PCT and i dint get any side but i dint get that good off a gain either, i gained 6 pounds.
    here the plan if i do get to do the PP havoc bridge.
    1 10 Phera
    2 20 Phera
    3 20 Phera 20 Havoc
    4 20 Phera 30 Havoc
    5 30 Havoc
    6 30 Havoc
    cycle supp and liver assist (preload 1 week)
    PCT=Reversitol, Green buldge (training day) green mag (non workout),Stoked.
    i cant get a hold of any serm, if you guys think that this is to strong, please recomend any other product that i could get away with just Reversitol.

  6. Here, let me shake my magic 8 Ball...


    Outlook Not Good
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  7. Anyone?

  8. You definetly need to get a hold of a serm. OTC stuff just doesn't cut it.

  9. Nolvadex or Clomid? and how do i dose it?


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