Successful PCT with Testosterone Recovery Stack (TRS) and SERM

  1. Successful PCT with Testosterone Recovery Stack (TRS) and SERM

    Hi, I have been a lurker for a few years now and have used this site successfully to complete some Methl-XD and Epistane (Havoc) cycles. I am prepared to start a cycle of m-drol in the next few months. My question is related to PCT and this new PCT hype "Testosterone Recovery Stack" by Primordial Performance. It looks too good to be true and I was curious if anyone has used it in addition with Nolva (their recommended 10mg/day dose). I know that some blood work was floating around that validated the effectiveness of their compound but it was posted by their reps also. What I am really looking for is validation from non-biased sources on the effectiveness of the TRS for PCT. Any input is appreciated.


  2. I too would like some info on this, im planning to take this as pct for a mdrol bridge to hdrol cycle.

  3. Sounds exactly like my choice for a hypothetical PCT.

  4. I just started logging my TRS a few days ago. You can check it out sometime in a few weeks after the TRS has taken its effect, if any at all.

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