libido pct stack

  1. libido pct stack

    Right now im planning on running post cycle support, alpha drive and paravol for my pct...and atd for as long as i feel necessary, its what works best for gyno control for me. what i care most about is libido, i want to be a porn star by week two. will this stack be enough or is there something else i should add to it? typically i dont have a problem with my libido unless im on atd, but i cant really get around running atd so i need something to counter its horrible libido effects...

  2. I also have prime that i was gonna run after pct, but if it will help libido i will just add it to my pct stack.

  3. Post Cycle Support and DTH are both excellent for libido.
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  4. deisel test hardcore is great for increasing libido

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