PCT Dose schedule help with choices needed

  1. PCT Dose schedule help with choices needed

    On my second half of Deca cycle about 5 weeks left of 11 weeks, 20 mL cycle. Just tryin to get my PCT setup ahead of time. Gonna run Serpafar (Clomiphene) right off the bat. I have two packs of 10 x 50 mG @ 10/pack of Serpafar, I don't think I need all but it was provided to me. I've also picked up ALRI Restore as my cortisol blocker and Diesel Test Hardcore for my test booster. I'm undecided if that is overkill with using both Restore and Diesel as I've read Restore is mild with test boost and Diesel will do the full job, but I'm not too sure with both stacked. Need some help with dosing for all of the above and opinions on using both Restore and Diesel at same time. Thanks for the help.

    6'1" 235-240lbs
    prolly packed on 10-15 lbs since start

  2. Figured out clomid dosing. Anyone with opinions on stacking ALRI restore and Diesel Test Hardcore??

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