PCT, What worked for you?

  1. PCT, What worked for you?

    I seen alot of PCT protocols On AM, and bb.com, ect.

    There's no wrong or right answer for this, but what PCT protocols worked for you? This will be so helpfull.

    I would really like to know what got you back, and what PCT protocol you swear by. (Don't post if you didn't use this PCT, and heard from someone else that used it).

    Fill this:

    cycles you ran:

    The successful PCT protocol you used (in details):

    Any issues arised after that PCT?

    What would you change in that PCT protocol to make it even better next time?

    I know sometimes what works for you will not work for others, but still POST!!

    You can elaborate as much as you want, express yourself .

  2. I'll start

    cycles you ran:
    H-drol 6 weeks
    epistane 4 weeks
    hdrol/tren extreme 6 weeks

    The successful PCT protocol you used (in details):
    All i used is nolva 30mg for 4 days, and then 20 20 10 10/5mg and i always switched test boosters.
    PCS twice and prolab horny goat weed last time.

    Any issues arised after that PCT?
    None. I felt back in 2 weeks in PCT, no gyno nor loss of libido as some people claim on nolva. especially after tren/hdrol. my libido was gone, but Nolva got me back. the wood again in the morning was priceless.

    What would you change in that PCT protocol to make it even better next time?
    I'll dose ATD at 25mg at week 3 for harsh cycles like mdrol/pplex that i'll be doing next month.

  3. No one?

  4. Cycles
    Name it I probally ran it LOL (15 years worth)

    What would I swear by chlomid always used it.

    Then when "research companies" came around (didn't have em when I started) I liked using a tamox/chlomid combo.

    What was my last PCT

    OTC fully on a STRONG cycle Reverisitol, Lean Extreme, weeks 1-4
    Activate Extreme, Anabolic Extreme, and Incarnate starting week 3

  5. Two recent Xtreme Tren cycles:
    On cycle and PCT: P5P
    PCT: AI's PCS
    No issues so far.

    A few years ago when research products were available:
    Various cycles of M1T, SD, M1,4ADD, 1-T + 4-AD transdermal, e-MAX
    PCT: conventional Nolva 4 week program 40/40/20/20

    Further back in time before I found out about research products:
    A fre cycles of 1-T + 4-AD transdermal, M1T
    PCT: Ergopharm 6OXO

    Note: Some of the cycles above were "wet" and in some cases I had to use Nolva during cycle to take care of gyno symptoms. I am happy to report that I've never developed gyno. Research companies are no longer an option so I have to rely on OTC PCT.

    I hope that helps.



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