which would be a better choice?

  1. Question which would be a better choice?

    Designer Supplements Activate Xtreme


    Get Diesel Diesel Test Hardcore

    im looking for a solid test booster addition to pct. thanks

  2. depends at what point in PCT your talking about.

  3. probably from week 3-8

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ryaroberts View Post
    probably from week 3-8
    Going for a mdrol run?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by liquid View Post
    Going for a mdrol run?
    yes indeed

  6. either is a solid choice, even CL Blue Up would be good, I use it every time and its a solid product as well, but if you dont care about the price then you could always get hyper test

  7. DTH for test boosting, and i always add COQ also, it gives my crazy libido

  8. i guess im more focused on trying to get libido back up from any shutdown

  9. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    depends at what point in PCT your talking about.


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