So my live-in girlfriend's older sister came home for Christmas...

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    not completely, no. A small portion yes
    This could be taken so many different ways.

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    Well, I still think that unless its a religious institution you are applying at, that its unprofessional to dress in a WWJD t-shirt or whatever it was

    But like i said its sort of odd, as with myself i've had **** I dunno, 15-20 jobs since I turned 18? and not in one did my religious beliefs ever come up.
    You have had 20 jobs since you turned 18, and you are now 42????

    It goes to show you how our situations are black and white. For me it seems inconceivable to have 20 jobs in that period of time. I, myself, since 16, have had 6, not including working in my pops construction business for a year at 16. I suppose for you, my situation where religion always comes up is just as surprising as for me about your number of jobs.

    Perhaps that is a norm? I do not know about it if it is. I figured 8-9 would be a max unless we are talking with a temp service?

    But, it's odd that your religious beliefs have never come up. The last place I was working at, me and this girl of Jewish religion argued at least 3-4 times a week about religion. At my current job, it comes up at least 5 times a day due to the fact that we provide service to a church with one of the largest denominations in the South East, Frazier Memorial Methodist in Montgomery Alabama. So, these types of discussions and differences of opinion spur every day from where I work. I get at least, AT LEAST, 5 people a day approaching me with some card or book, pamphlet, and how their version of religion is the supreme. I guess being in the heart of the bible belt promotes these types of situations also.
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  3. I'd have to really go through and do the math to figure out the # of jobs for sure. Ive had 8 since 2000 anyhow. Its the way the tech field works so far as I can tell, someone staying anywhere a long time is relatively rare. For a large part of it, its because you master the skills in use/needed in that company, and start to get bored I think. Of all those jobs, none were layoffs. one was a company closing though. Each of the others were my choice to leave.


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