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  1. Progress Pic

    This was after my second cycle of superdrol, I am weighing 172lbs, and I will be finishing my post cycle therapy tomorrow. Before my first cycle, I weighed 158lbs. This is also before I went to workout. I am pleased to have gained the weight, and I trimmed some fat off this time around but also gained some size. My abs have also started showing since I got the fat back off that I gained my first time around. Also have to say
    Thank You to everyone who has offered me help along the way and been patient with me and all my questions. Just thought I would share.

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  2. how long have u been lifting bro?

  3. Cool TV.

  4. Looks good man. Going to do a cut now?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BLANE
    how long have u been lifting bro?
    Pretty strong back in my High school yrs, and college days, then off and on the rest of the time. High school yrs were 20 yrs ago. 38yrs old now. lol

    As for cutting, I just finally gained some weight.. I am definitly want to get more definition but still looking to put on more massat the same time. I would like to get to 180lbs.

    Thanks for the compliments, and as for the TV.. Thats my baby.. I love it!!

  6. Great work, congrats, now keep growing.

  7. Thats the plan if all goes well...
    And Thanks for the compliment

  8. Dont take offense to this, but I think you could have achieved that look without AAS. BUt good progress though bro.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hbs6
    Dont take offense to this, but I think you could have achieved that look without anabolic steroids. BUt good progress though bro.
    None taken.. I have always looked like this, deinition wise, But have never been able to put any size on. Found this board and learned that diet was a big factor. The most I ever weighed was back in college at 168 to 165lbs. I broke my shoulder and then got really sick and went to 135lbs. When I got married 11 yrs ago, I was 145. Then I finally got back to 158 at the first of this year, I have always wanted to weigh about 180 with good lean muscle, but have never been able to obtain it, Thats when I found superdrol, and it got me to 175 real quick but with some fat that was unwanted. ( Got that because of my crappy diet). Read more on here about diet and then did this last SD cycle and lost inches around waist and gained size on arms and chest and definition.
    Like I said, from reading on here, I have learned that Diet and protein are very important. And I will carry that with me as I continue to train. And hopefully manage to keep what I have worked hard for.

  10. Looking good bro. I will get back to you when I have some more time.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD
    Looking good bro. I will get back to you when I have some more time.
    Thanks.... I understand..


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