Pictures of Mutant.

  1. Pictures of Mutant.

    Hey guys. I don't think you should be a member of a board w/out showing your pics. These are the only ones I have...they are kinda old. They are from about 6 months ago. I have have run another cycle since then, but have no new ones. Here are my stats as of now: 5'10, 230lb, still lean.

    Here are my stats in the pics:

    Don't know bf...dont care.

    These were taken cold:
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  2. let me start off by saying you look ****ing huge man great job

    now a critique .. it seems (and its hard to say without seeing a full body shot) that your upper body overshadows your legs .. if you could improve your outer quad sweep it would really go a long ways

    from the front your upper body looks great .. phenomenal trap, pec, and overall arm development

    hard to tell but looks like you could stand to bring up both your back thickness (maybe hard to tell) and your back width (appears to be lacking moreso than thickness)

    i think you look great overall really tremendous just trying to give an honest critique

    and if you're mad there are pics of me up here so feel free to bring me down off my high horse hahah

  3. yer and stop it with the synthol in those arms!just jokin,any measurements?lookin huge btw

  4. Lookin jacked bro.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Evo
    yer and stop it with the synthol in those arms!just jokin,any measurements?lookin huge btw
    Arms: 19"
    Waist: 32"
    Thaighs: 27"

  6. I thought the quads looked pretty good. If there are any weak points I would say in the calves. But you look great man. Shoulder looks huge in the bicep shot.

  7. Wicked, man. How long have you been training?

  8. lookin just grow some delts and youll be in great shape, Jk
    you are one big mother ,,,, i wish my shoulders looked like that

  9. thick and ripped bro. look awesome.

  10. You look very large indeed. At 5,10" and 230 just seems enormous. Im 5'9" at 190 and cant imagine 40 more pounds. Not that I wouldnt want it but god, how do you wipe your ass?


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