First time posting my pics

  1. First time posting my pics


    This is the very first time I post pics of myself anywhere, it was even the first time I had pics taken while posing I was quite hesitant to post them, because I really was shocked to see how different I look in the mirror, compared to the pics, IMO I look really small in the pics heh..

    I'm just done with a M1T/4AD "cutting" cycle, although I'm 8lbs heavier than before I started it . I've been cutting since march, started out at 184lbs with around 20% BF, cut down to as low as 160lbs with minimal muscle loss, and I'm now back up to 170lbs.

    During PCT (started today) I'll eat slightly below maintenance, try to shed the water I'm holding now. After that I'll slowly increase cals to start bulking in september.

    Some stats:
    Height - 5'9"
    Weight - 170lbs

    Chest - 41" 3/4
    Biceps - 15" 1/2
    Forearm - 12" 3/4
    Quads - 23" 3/4
    Calf - 15" 3/4
    Waist - 32"

    BTW, what do you guys estimate my BF% is ?
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  2. I'd say 12% or so...from 20%, that's a great transformation! Got start pics???

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bda55

    Some stats:
    Height - 6'9"
    Weight - 170lbs
    What? Really? I think that's a misprint.

  4. No I don't have before pics, I really wish I had some.. Maybe 20% is a bit overrated, but just imagine 25lbs of extra fat on that frame..

    I really could grab a handful of fat at my midsection, which was my biggest concern, I never really had much fat anywhere else, except for chest maybe.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    What? Really? I think that's a misprint.
    Thanks for pointing that out..



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