Overweight and obese to trying to become a beast. 320 to 165 then lean gain to 185.

  1. Overweight and obese to trying to become a beast. 320 to 165 then lean gain to 185.

    I was overweight and obese for the majority of my childhood days. My weight always bugged me. I was always teased and bullied then my ex girlfriend I dated for 7 years left me for another guy, who she had a kid with.

    I hit an all time low. Depression was real. Drugs and alcohol filled my void for a year, till I got sick of feel bad for myself.

    Pain is pain: physical, emotional, mental, but we grow from it. It's an opportunity to change for the better instead of changing for the worse.

    I believe that anyone can reach their physical goals. I started from not knowing anything fitness and just wanting to lose weight. But because of you all here, and researching on my own, I was able to make the difference in an insecurity I battled with since my childhood; I'm still insecure about how I look at times and that'll take more time to grow from.

    I believe that you all can reach your goals; we all can. I hope this motivates you like how you've all motivated me through out the years.

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  2. Congrads pn the transformation!!!! How long has it taken?

  3. That is an amazing change. Great job turning your life around! If you get a chance you should post these up in a thread started to show these transformations

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  4. I agree, Amazing Transformation, and please post this in the Nuuudzzz Bank for more people to see your amazing transformation
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  5. Awesome. Thats whats up.

  6. Amazing transformation. Much dedication and discipline to accomplish that
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  7. Amazing Transformation Brother!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dds View Post
    Congrads pn the transformation!!!! How long has it taken?
    4 serious years. Overall journey is going on 10 years. I ran into a lot of issues with loose skin so I slowed it down and took time to build more muscle and fill in

  9. Thank you for the love and support my AM fam. You guys are awesome

  10. You look tight, how long did it take you to look like that

  11. Can you help me achieve the goals you have accomplished? What Phs you took and workout?


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