Ostamuscle and s4 progress pics

  1. Ostamuscle and s4 progress pics

    pics taken first thing in the am

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    hey guys i will be starting a log on my S4 and Ostamuscle cycle
    current stats
    6' tall
    roughly 12% bf
    i will post pics starting today. my current caloric intake is 3400 cals training 6 days a week cardio post workout 4 days a week for 20min stay tuned!!

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    6 days into cycle sitting at 238lbs this morning bf down 1% sitting at 11% now. pumps feel insane at the gym, strength has gone up slightly so far. i haven't had any sight side affects from s4 either

  2. Awesome

  3. hey mate , how is your dosing?

  4. I hate these incomplete logs

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