Slowing gettinf my dreams

  1. Slowing gettinf my dreams

    Here is what I currently look like, I'm 17 years old, I dreams of going pro. Please leave any comments or tips that you think can help me. I'm weighing about 160 at the moment. Thank you

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  2. Pretty good foundation for 17. Keep eating and more chest isolation exercises.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by WeT.DoLPhiN View Post
    Pretty good foundation for 17. Keep eating and more chest isolation exercises.
    thanks man. Ya I know I have no chest, I'm working on that right now.

  4. Hit those legs hard too..
    U r off to a good start...

  5. Anyone have any advise?

  6. Try a good 5x5, I personally like either strong lifts or the mad cow variant. And look into 5/3/1. It's great for building a solid strength foundation. Progression is key, and the assistance work on 5/3/1 would be good for your bodybuilding. While getting much stronger on the main lifts, you'll find that the weight you can move on the bodybuilding exercises increases and your physique will follow.


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