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    I know bf is a little high, but I'm currently trying to gain some mass, and was hoping anybody could notice some lagging body parts and suggestions for how to fix them
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  2. Probably more LEG work!! Since U didn't show them. But your triceps and work on grip strength to build your forearms up!!

  3. What part of legs, triceps and forearms? Overall size or tone?

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  4. SIZE on all three!

  5. What's a recommendation for triceps size? Currently I do heavy close grip, dips, rope pulldowns, over head extensions, close grip push ups not all same day but usually 3-4 exercises

  6. Stop the isolation movement and go to heavy compound movements!! BP, OHP, ect...... Keep the dips but strap some weight on!!

  7. I can't do overhead presses or bp, I use dumbells and smith machine and try and go pretty heavy on close grip up to 295 for 7 reps. Then I do the dip hammer machine cause for the same reason I can't bp my bad shoulder hurts when I do dips with weight but on the hammer machine I can add my weight and really concentrate on my triceps. Any other suggestions for heavy compound lifts such as bench dips or anything else? Thanks for the help I can use it, after years of never being serious in the gym and only working out chest and biceps really I know I'm playing catch up with my back, legs, triceps, shoulders etc


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