18 months of work

  1. 18 months of work

    I graduated high school at 146 lbs. I never really worked out very hard or with very much consistency. I played football but only because I was fast. I got a scholarship out of high school to play football and was red shirted so they could put some weight on me. I got bored and played intramural soccer like an idiot and ended up lacerating my kidney in a freak accident. So I lost half a kidney and a scholarship. When I got out of the hospital and cleared for activity I decided, since my doctor won't sign a release for me to play ball anymore, I'd start lifting and trying to gain weight.

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    Me before

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  2. Outstanding work man!

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    Day by Day, we get better and better! Tillí we canít be beat Ė Wonít Be Beat!

  3. Great progress. Keep it up!

  4. agreed. good definition going on there, keep on bulking....

  5. Good work man! I'm in the same boat as you but I wasn't quite as light. Keep it going!

  6. Niceee work man. How was your program?

  7. nice work dude!

  8. Great work! I weighed only 135 lbs when i graduated in 97. Ive put on 70 pounds since then. Keep at it!
    Remember why you started.


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