before and after 3 months

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  1. damn dude amazing!!

  2. gaininName:  20120619_131728-1.jpg
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Size:  14.2 KBg 7lbs

  3. congrates

  4. Impressive! Keep it up!

  5. Name:  20120804_120150-1.jpg
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    now at 85kilos up 6lb from last photo

  6. Fantastic progress!
    And continued success.

  7. 12-16 weeks is not unrealistic for those results. in the first pic you cant tell if there is any type of mass or not. its funny how people assume the use of roids.....
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  8. cheers guys. its now 9 months from start pic to now. have learnt so much from all the guys on here. cant wait to see what the next 3 months will bring

  9. Awesome. Progress was quick at first, you have made a lifestyle change. Every year you will bet better and better. Now that your lean the extra problem spots will require a fight. You obviously know what you need to do.

  10. Good job leaned out nice


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