Eat big, lift big

  1. Eat big, lift big

    This is 3 months after i started lifting
    12% BF, 142 lbs
    Max bench 135lbs

    10 months after
    15.6 % BF, 155 lbs
    Max bench 205

    Feb 2009

    Should have had better results but at the beginning i was just effin around didnt really know what i was doin. Training and diet wise

    Update. Oct 1st 2010

    New stats:
    Bench: 235
    Deadlift: 355
    Squat: 325

    Current weight 172lbs and 12.6% BF

  2. reserved

  3. Nice progress! Wow. BTW, how old are you? The reason I am asking is I am just wondering how much of that is the normal growth.

  4. 19yrs old

  5. Keep up the good work and never stop what you've started.

  6. btw this is like 2 wks of running 3x a week of at least 1.5 miles and swimming once a week. not that i want to loose weight, but getting in shape for the navy

  7. leg pics? hope your training them too
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  8. yes i have been lately, i did get a pic but lost it some how. i will get it up asap


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