32 year old male-any way I can get "ripped" by end of summer?

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  1. No pudge gained-my waist size went down slightly and there is noticeable fat loss on my back and my sides-I have done the pinch test. I have lost 5 pounds with my stack...
    CLA, VPX, Eviscerate, Green Tea Extract, and I have thrown in nicotine gum for good measure.

  2. IMHO, you are gonna be disappointed when you lose however much weight you plan on...

    You need to lift heavy and gain a good 10 or 15 pounds of muscle then try to "cut" it off
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  3. I am almost thinking this is a fake thread started by another member after looking at the pics lol....If not you need to do a lot more research on how to train and diet, beside this thread...the lack of knowledge is really hurting you in every facet.

  4. I have a lot of knowledge on nutrition/vitamins/keeping healthy. I will admit I am not up to putting tons of crap into my body just to try to gain a little muscle.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pittguy578 View Post
    I have never watched calories directly. I just do not eat any junk food. I don't even crave it. My "binges" are two Met RX protein bars. I eat as much as I want-just not junk.
    I tried lifting in college when we had an all you can eat cafeteria and I was drinking.
    I didn't gain any muscle mass, but I also never gained weight-even when drinking 4-5 nights a week-I lived in a frat house. I have been the same weight since I have been 21. I do not think I have an overly fast metabolism, but I have treated my body right-I take lots of vitamins and antioxidants. I have always been a "health" nut-I have heart disease and cancer in my family so I would rather be proactive in terms of my health. I don't want to rely on doctors to try to cure my body from years of abuse.

    I bought Weight Gainer powder at GNC-that will immediately add another 1800 calories per day. I will lift harder. The thing is I do gain strength and am fairly strong despite lack of muscle mass. I went to the gym with my friend the other day-he is bigger than I am-6'2 and 200 pounds and goes to the gym a lot. I was able to do more pull downs with a heavier weight (180 for 15 times then I kept knocking the weight down) than he could and could leg press 330 for 30 times. I military press 170 so despite the fact I have not gained mass, I have gained a lot of strength.

    As I said, I am not trying to gain that much mass-maybe some more in my chest and shoulders. I am just trying to look a little better-not trying to get ultra ripped, etc. I have no reason to get like that-I would not be able to maintain it. Too many other things to worry about.

    Here is an updated picture after two weeks of "cutting" I have dropped about 5 pounds, mostly in my stomach and back-using Eviscerate and a bunch of other things.
    LOL, im glad i came back to this thread otherwise i would have missed this pic. Dood its gonna take 2 years of training to get this patheticly mooshy body to be "ULTRARIPPED", that or you better be a super hero that can change into a hulking man in the blink of an eye.

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  7. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by pittguy578 View Post
    It really sucks-every other male in my family was large and gained muscle with no problems..My dad was 6'2 240 in high school..starting defensive on high school football team that won back to back State Championships (PA) His brother was the same size..my uncle and my grandfather and my mom's size were over 6'2..and athletic.. (uncle was a small college QB) Somehow I got ripped off when it comes to muscle building genetics..but I did get brains..not sure where that came from .
    Hmmmm... do you look like your dad at all? Was he away alot for work or in the military before you were born?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pittguy578 View Post
    Ok guys-I am going to take your advice. I am going to order some Testo Pro tomorrow...and going to buy nothing but whole milk/butter. Whole milk protein shakes and butter toast is the only thing I know that will enable me to add more calories to my diet other than eating crisco. I will continue with my weight loss stack or at least part of it.
    Maybe I didn't gain before because I didn't have enough fat in my diet?
    your not thinking it through-by buying those products you are also buying saturated fat which is unhealthly (BLOCKED ARTERIES ETC!)Looking st the pic in the OP i would certainly do a weights programme thats going to add mass , concentrating on large muscle groups chest back legs and do a routins of say 5 x5.Judging by the supplements youve bought, youre expecting them to do the work and really its down to you.
    Theres plenty of advice on this thread for you , but personally if i was in your shoes , id start from the begiining and seek out a novices training routine , diet and supplement programme (google) If your trying to impress the girls on the beach this summer, i think theyd rather see a guy who has some muscle on him even though it may be hidden by a small layer of fat.

  9. he isn't real bro...troll!!!

  10. I used TestoPro and drank two protein shakes a day..Gained some mass and lost the flab on my stomach. My new camera should be here this week. I will take some pics.

  11. Get back to basics and stop hoping for easy results. If it was easy and quick everyone would be doing it. Find a partner, who has some base knowledge, to lift with. You need to eat and keep eating and lift right. You need base muscles before you worry about size. You need good form when lifting to get base muscle. Once you get a good base you will be able to do what you want.

    Chill out and work hard or you will be really disappointed.


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