4 weeks cutting progress

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  1. What is it

  2. your back looks 5x better with your smaller waist, impressive.

  3. well.. i thought i'd cut for one more week.. but i'm starting mdrol in 2 weeks and i want to allow a 2 week transition so my body doesn't flip out from being on keto

    both pics are were taken in the morning, so zero pump... the "after" pic is completely carb depleted so i'm flat as hell. not as much of a change as i wanted but i think it went decent

    remember this is 8 weeks of cutting
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  4. Good work!

  5. thought it would be neat to see me at 200lbs

    i bulked to 200 and then cut to 180. then i bulked to 188 and cut to 174
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  6. Great progress.

  7. seeing them cuts! great job bro


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