The Edge Gel feedback

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    The Edge Gel feedback

    All I am going to say is Wow.

    I got both the Men's and Women's sampler. First, I just opened the Women's SOE to see what effect it would have on me - I don't know if it is the incredible similarity to Poison (which already turns me on wildly) or the pheremones (probably both), but it made me agitated in a good way.

    Anyway...I have been so busy that the rest of the packets have just been sitting on my desk. Just for S&G, I opened up The Edge and put maybe a 2mm glob behind each ear. My GF, who I have been arguing with, came over to watch TV and was rubbing my legs sort of unconsciously and touching my shoulder.

    However, a little later (2 hours?) I was checking the boards and decided to add more. I put about 1/2 pencil eraser sized globs down my neck. My GF was in the bathroom showering, and I timed it perfectly to be standing there calling the dog when she had to walk by.

    Simply put, she attacked me immediately. She is normally VERY submissive, and I was really shocked (in a good way). She had me biting her and pulling her hair, and was extremely graphic in her filthy talk.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), we are going to be breaking up - so I am very curious to see the effect on another certain woman I have designs for.

    I read quite a bit over at the LS forum, and decided to pick up some Chakira, NPA, and some of that SOE/w (to give as a gift to the new girl - a gift for me, indirectly).

    I am quite impressed. Now, I am going to look for repeatability. I have to give you credit here, Chemo, for the good find. I'm really glad you linked out to there.

    Now...O/T - I was reading a bit on the Copulins, and the abbreviations page says that it raises test. I am curious about the applicability of pheremones and copulins both on-cycle (as a preworkout/aggression stimulant), and in conjunction with PCT to restore natty test. Any thoughts here (or has this already been discussed)?
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    I'm exploring the same topic of LH spiking and will post my findings when I get it down on paper (so to speak).


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