Spawn Cycle (HELP)

  1. Spawn Cycle (HELP)

    Hello all
    So I have bought a bottle of spawn from, and apparently its the "original" label, made by tri city chemicals before it was made by myogenix. Heard great things, and am looking to gain 10 lbs lean.

    So I have done my research and I am planning on running my cycle along the lines of this: Please critique or add any supplements/dosages as needed

    ~Pre cycle (Taking for about a wk so far, will continue for another wk and a half)
    I have been taking Omega 3, Milk Thistle(2), Liv52(2), Complete Amino Acid(2), Daily vitamin, protein, animal stak and jack3d
    *I ordered a bottle of AI cycle support, and when it comes in, I will take it for about a week and then start my cycle

    ~Cycle(4 wks)
    Continue ALL Precycle supps, 1 Milk Thistle/Liv52 for ea spawn pill(3), Cycle support, Spawn, Tuarine (for back pumps), Vitex, and B6. Vitex @ 90mg/day, B6 @ 400/day.(for prolactin),Saw palmetto(prostate) marshmallo extact(muscle fiber)

    ~PCT (4 wks)
    Reversitol and Nolva/Clomid(40/30/20/10), Cycle Support(?, is it necessary), Milk Thistle, Lean Xtreme(?, necessary?)

    Please let me know if this looks okay. Am I missing anything?
    Trying real hard to do this right so I dont **** up my body

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Dont take nolva, take clomid alone for PCT.

  3. forgot to add, very IMPORTANT!

    If anyone knows where I can get Clomid/Nolva please let me know. I need a bottle and I wont start my cycle til I have a SERM on hand.
    Thanks again

  4. Gamer, I wasnt planning on taking both, just one or the other, whichever I found first as its highly debatable which is better...

  5. There is 19-nor tren in spawn which is a progestin, so you do not want to take nolva for PCT. Does that make since? Nolva upregulates your progestin receptors in the nipples; meaning you are probably gonna lactate if you take nolva. Thats why you get clomid.



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