Axcite Cologne

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    i just got done jerking off from all the stories and pics posted in this thread.

    people think it's weird that I use ketchup as lube whenever I masturbate, i have to take a big sheet of cellophane with my **** punched through it so I can clean up, the feel of ketchup is what does it for me, man am i fkd up right now what am i talkinga bout

  2. Its been a few days but i gotta post this..

    Ive been banging this chick for bout a month now (been wearing the Axcite). So were riding in my car the other day and i pull the bottle out of the console and spray once under my shirt on my chest. She promptly and attentively asks "WHATS THAT? WHATS THAT?" hahahaha .. i used the "some bs i got at the gas station" that somebody posted above lol.. she was so intent on finding out what i just sprayed.. good ****
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.



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