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    ok guys, this is the first time that i'm logging my supplementation/training, i'm gonna post pictures every week and feelings/thought every day, at least this is the idea, thanks to you for the suggestions on the old thread here --> Supplement Suggestions, which is on the supplement forum, I'm not allowed to post the link yet as this will be my 18th post and thanks to @kbayne for all support showed.

    As you probably know if you followed my other post, i am trying to get ripped and prepared for my next competition (thai boxe not BB) and i was looking for a good stack, i have decided to add anabeta elite old formula too, i started yesterday but tomorrow i will add the anabeta elite old formula too, this is cause i want some more lean muscles too, otherwise i will get ripped too much.

    any suggestion/thoughts/anything please feel free to add your opinions, it will be really appreciated.

    also... actually i could also post my diet if needed

    enjoy my logging

    age 34
    weight 69 Kg
    height 175 cm
    body fat 10.6%


    2x alpha t2
    1x erase pro (new formula)
    1x Forsk-95 AS
    1x Norcodrene



    1x alphalipoic acid 200mg
    1x serving ARMORV vitamins


    2nd MEAL

    3x epa+dha jarrow formula balanced



    1x alphalipoic acid 200mg


    glycofuse+isolate proteins all max



    2x Norcodrene
    1x alpha t2
    2x Anabeta ELITE old Formula
    1x Forsk-95 AS



    isolate as above (no glycofuse this time)
    1x alphalipoic acid
    2x Anabeta ELITE old Formula


    CASEIN FX All Max

  2. ok so, i had my training, i did 40 mins of sparring, 40 mins of weights and 30 min cardio, well, what can i say? my mood was at the top, even if i left work relatively late, i was in the right mood to attack the iron and the ring quite enjoying the feeling, also my energy was up, is that possible that this thing is already kicking in!?!?!? anyway it was great, i had same feeling as yesterday, like a warm inside, and I've been sweating all time even during my weight workout, this is really strange as i never sweat during weight training.
    Energy was fine, i had a bit of energy low sensation at the end on the treadmill, but i think it was cause of the all sesh i had before...

    one thing i noticed, i feel pump!, some time really "too much"... i mean, its never too much, but the sensation is like I'm about to explode, maybe this is forsk? or alphat2 taken same time as forsk? which ever is, it is great

    pretty much happy, also i cannot notice any improvements in terms of lean look, but this is the second day! tomorrow ill add anabeta elite old formula, hoping to add some lean muscle too and look more ripped at the end...

    also, guys, id like to move this thread to the supplements forum, you know any way?


  3. I don't think there is a way to move the thread, but you can just start a new one over in the supplement logs section if that is what you want to do. You're still early enough in that it would be fine to just start another one. Just let us know and we'll follow
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  4. You right lol :-)

  5. I'll follow this one. Nice stack you got there.
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  6. I think I'll move this one to the supplements log forum, I'll post a link later on, I'm on my iPhone now and can't do it ;-)


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