OG Anabeta vs OG Anabeta Elite

  1. OG Anabeta vs OG Anabeta Elite

    I want to start by saying both of these products are straight fantastic. I recently took advantage of the july 4th sale where you buy 3 items and get one free. I chose the "og abe". I just received my bottle today along with an amazing towel.

    When I looked at the back I see that the ABE total blen is 1625mg while the regular anabeta blend is 1600mg of straight anacyclus. Does the regular anabeta have more of this per pill or can a rep explain why there is less in ABE?

  2. Yes there is more Anacyclus per pill in AnaBeta vs OG AnaaBeta Elite. I believe to keep the serving size the same (4 caps) they took a slightly lower dose of the Anacyclus to allow for the other two ingredients as well (but should still be an effective dose for the Anacyclus).

    Thanks for the kind words though.
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