Alphamine vs Norcodrene vs Both

  1. Alphamine vs Norcodrene vs Both

    Hey guys. I've already tried Alphamine and Norcodrene (both solo) with great results. I actually have them both sitting in my cabinet right now and I'm probably going on a cut again soon (just finished recomping). I've never actually paid attention to HICA, but I am wondering, will I be getting enough HICA to be significantly useful if I just use 1 scoop of Alphamine? I was thinking of doing 1 scoop Alphamine/1 Cap Norcodrene pre-workout, but I may just do 2 scoops of Alphamine if the HICA content isn't enough (and just save Norcodrene for another time).

    I train fasted in the morning and don't eat meals until a few hours later, and plan on being in a small deficit (200-300 calories).

  2. When you did alphamine, did you dose one when you wake up and one at lunch time?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Joshlm69 View Post
    When you did alphamine, did you dose one when you wake up and one at lunch time?
    2 scoops pre-workout in morning and that's it. I never did 3 scoops or seperated the doses. Tried it back when Norcodrene wasn't out. I like Norco a LOT though so I want to see if I can use them both at the same time.

  4. Alphamine worked just fine for my comp prep - I looked amazing - (Sponsorship???-hint* hint* PES - haha). Then again I havn't tried norcodren so I cant tell you how good it is.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  5. Yeah but I'm wondering if I should go with 1 scoop Alphamine + 1 Cap Norco or 2 scoops Alphamine cause I'm not sure of how much HICA is in Alphamine.



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