Erase is a quality product

  1. Thumbs up Erase is a quality product

    First time posting here but wanted to quickly share my experience with PES Erase.

    I was on a 10 week cycle of Sustanon 250 (500mg per week dosed at 250mg every 3 days), Dienazone (3ml everyday at weeks 2-6) and RPN Havoc Epistane (60mg daily in weeks 6-10). It was a clean bulk and cut cycle that went extremely well. I have ran several cycles previously so I mostly know what to expect during and post cycle as well as what's needed to bring my body back into homeostasis. I took liver support supplements as well as 1000mg NAC daily, with the Epistane being a methylated DS. I had nearly no sides during my entire cycle. What sides I did experience were when I started the Havoc, very light acne on my back, increased agitation\aggression and some lethargy. Normally things are smooth coming off without any major surprises. Except this time.

    I started PCT on my second day off cycle. My plan being the standard Tamoxifen 40mg daily for the first two weeks then down to 20mg daily for the last two weeks as well as various other over the counter supplements. On day 2 I experienced a major crash. No energy and very, very emotional and pessimistic. As I stated previously I've experienced coming off cycle many times but never had this low of a feeling before. So I started doing some reading and wondered if the extended cycle time along with multiple strong AAS caused a major cortisol and estrogen rebound period that was causing me to feel like death. I read about Erase and started reading logs and reviews. I'd called into work sick three straight days because I felt so bad, I figured I'd give Erase a shot after reading everything about it controlling estrogen and cortisol.

    I took 3 caps in the morning on the 4th day post cycle and literally within a few hours I felt alive again. My mood had increased drastically, my appetite was normal, I had energy and didn't feel like breaking down crying every 20 minutes. Erase literally saved my ass. I finished the bottle with the rest of my PCT two weeks ago and feel amazing still. So far I've kept my gains and most of my strength, haven't gained fat and my desire in the gym is excellent. My sex drive is also totally normal again after being nonexistent when I was first coming off.

    This stuff really works and I'll always keep a bottle on hand for all my future PCT's.

  2. Which one did you use the old version new version?

  3. Great to hear, thanks for the feedback bro!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 808shredded View Post
    Which one did you use the old version new version?
    The new version (Abieta-8,11, 13-trien-18-oic acid). Never used the old version of Erase. The old version was basically just Arimistane, correct?

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with Erase

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  6. Quote Originally Posted by No Rest View Post
    The new version (Abieta-8,11, 13-trien-18-oic acid). Never used the old version of Erase. The old version was basically just Arimistane, correct?
    Two old version is with arimistane. I have used the old version with great success . I will now try the new one.

  7. Awesome feedback and good to hear how well the product treated you. PCT lethargy and lack of motivation can be a pain. So I'm glad to hear erase was able to help snap you out of it!
    PEScience Representative

  8. Erase shining once again. It never stops ?. Id give the OG version a try next time around, I definitely recommend it. I'm a huge advocate for the OG versions ?


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