Yesterday I had a meeting with a local gym owner to discuss some business. Long story short I noticed he had several pieces of equipment that I thought could be extremely useful, including hydrostatic body fat testing, VO2MAX, and resting metabolic rate. I asked if he could check my RMR since I had not eaten for about 5 hours (busy day) so it should give a fairly accurate assessment. After sitting for 15minutes with my nose plugged and tubes attached to my face it said my RMR was 2010, which sound accurate given my size, the test said it was average.

After this i started thinking....what if i took 2 scoops of alphamine and tested again in 45 minutes? Alphamine works through a number of mechanisms which couldnt exactly be pinpointed to simple metabolic rate, but i was curious to find out and he was cool with it, so we did it! I took 2 scoops of alphamine in 1oz warm water (to make results as accurate as possible), and measured again 45min post.

RMR was 2448, which is a HUGE increase over baseline. I would have liked to get reading again at 1hr45min, and 2hr45min to see how long the transient elevation in metabolic rate lasted, but that would be asking for too much since this was all done for free. Either way, 2448 resting metabolic rate is blazing fast for my size (187lbs), and its evidence enough to describe the profound thermogenic effect I've had from it all along.

RMR pre alphamine = 2010
RMR Post Alphamine = 2448
Measured via indirect calorimetry

Heres a link to the post alphamine printout he gave me showing my results:

The lifestyle and exercise calories are estimated, i just said im moderately active so im assuming its multiplying my RMR by 1.4-1.5ish.