Alphamine, what in it is "preserving muscle mass"?

  1. Alphamine, what in it is "preserving muscle mass"?

    So I have been using something for awhile during fasted cardio but told Alphamine is it cause it prevents muscle loss. Only two ways I know of to prevent mucle loss is some form of insulin spiking with carbs or protien source containing luecine, neither of which I see in this. I see Leucic Acid but I also see yoimbine which i thought they cancel each other out right? So my questions are:

    - Whats preventing said muscle loss? As said is it the Leucic Acid?
    - Can I take this fasted without breaking my fast/keto/etc?
    - As far as hit to blood preassure and the like what is the Pausinystalia Yohimbe equal to in Yohimbine HCL dose? For example on par with 2.5mg of HCL?
    - Is there anything besides obviously stims (yohimbine, caffine, syndrine, ginsing, 1,3D, etc etc) or calories that should not be stacked with Alphamine?

    Any input on the above would be most appriciated.
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  2. HICA
    No comparative data exists and any guess is speculation
    Subjective upon the user and dose
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


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