ABE dosing: why around the workout only?

  1. ABE dosing: why around the workout only?

    Just wondering why the good PES folks decided to suggest dosing the entire Anabeta Elite dose pre and post workout on workout days, but to spread it out on rest days. Is the half life of the actives long enough that it builds up in the system, and time of day of dosing matters less? It seems like with test boosting the goal, keeping the hormones even throughout the day would be desirable. Why, for example, is it not better to take one on waking, one pre, one post, and one before bed?

    im sure you guys know what you're doing, just trying to understand!


  2. Good question bro, I'm in for some details about dosage too! Started my first bottle ABE (old version) a few days ago.

    As I'm always training in the evening my current dosage is:
    1 pill with fast-breaking meal
    1 pill 30 minutes before WO
    2 pills with first PWO meal

    Not sure if splitting the first two capsules brings any kind of disadvantage in comparison with the 2 suggested pre-WO pills.

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