Don't feel any effect from Alphamime; still effective?

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    Thank you sir! I will read them, always willing to learn and correct bad the way, I've only hit 100g fiber on one day in my whole cut. Usually it is around 75g, and then only on workout days...
    You must not have read the last link where they stated the recommended daily dose is around 38 grams for men.
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    Check this article, scroll down to the comments section for a journal article that says hunter gatherer humans consumed 100-150g fiber
    The article you linked clearly states 100-150 is absolutely ridiculous amount per day. Also states, 20-30 grams per day is recommended if your calorie count is in the range of 2000-3000 calories per day (which for your off days, is much more calories then you consume).
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  3. After finishing my 1425 calories today, I was still famished, so I had a bit of a cheat. 2 scoops of whey, 1/2 a container of strawberries (these prior two ingredients being made into protein fluffs), 2 huge bowls of cereal and almond milk, an apple, and a nutrigrain bar. Not quite an "epic" cheat by any means but I am absolutely stuffed.



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