Abieta-8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid

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    The natural phytochemical dehydroabietic acid is an anti-aging reagent that mediates the direct activation of SIRT1

    Dehydroabietic acid (DAA) is a naturally occurring diterpene resin acid of confers, such as pinus species (P. densiflora, P. sylvestris) and grand fir (Abies grandis), and it induces various biological actions including antimicrobial, antiulcer, and cardiovascular activities. The cellular targets that mediate these actions are largely unknown yet. In this report, we suggest that DAA is an anti-aging reagent. DAA has lifespan extension effects in Caenorhabditis elegans, prevents lipofuscin accumulation, and prevents collagen secretion in human dermal fibroblasts.

    We found that these anti-aging effects are primarily mediated by SIRT1 activation. Lifespan extension effects by DAA were ameliorated in sir-2.1 mutants and SIRT1 protein expression was increased, resulting in the deacetylation of SIRT1 target protein PGC-1α. Moreover, DAA binds directly to the SIRT1 protein independent of the SIRT1 substrate NAD+ levels. Through a molecular docking study, we also propose a binding model for DAA-SIRT1. Taken together, our results demonstrate that the anti-aging effects are the first identified biological property of DAA and that the direct activation of SIRT1 enzymatic activity suggests the potential use of this natural diterpene, or related compounds, in age-related diseases or as a preventive reagent against the aging process.

    Wonder if this will translate to humans one day?
    Nerd stuff. I read it but didn't quite understand it. Just thought DAA GOOD!.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Nerd stuff. I read it but didn't quite understand it. Just thought DAA GOOD!.

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  3. great info thanks

  4. Is there a known half life to DAA?


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