UK Alphamine + Old AT2

  1. UK Alphamine + Old AT2

    I'm currently using Alphamine and Forskolin-95 as per Coop's Corner #1.

    Since I'm in Europe, I have the the Alphamine version without SA2-A.

    Today I got got my hands on some bottles of the old Alpha T2 with Rauwolscine HCl. This version is banned in Europe, but I got them from someone who stocked up before the ban.

    Since I have the UK version of Alphamine, can I stack the old Alpha T2 with it to get the benifits of Rauwolscine?

    How would I go about it?

    Attached the formulas since I figured most of you are US based and may not be familiar with the UK version.


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  2. You can stack the two. Follow the bottle recommendations for dosing. If it were me, I would dose like this:

    Morning: Alphamine 1.5 scoops + 2 caps AT2
    Later in the day: Alphamine 1.5 scoops + 1 cap AT2

    Dose however you please though.
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  3. Thx kbayne.

    Higenamine in both products is not to much? Would it in your opinion be overkill to stack them?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bdybldnaam View Post
    Thx kbayne. Higenamine in both products is not to much? Would it in your opinion be overkill to stack them?
    Depends on the user. Personally I don't think it is overkill to stack them.
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  5. I have successfully stacked the two. Of course it is best to assess tolerance first.
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  6. Very good stack. You have 3,3 dio in there too which would further enhance fat loss.

  7. Got ya.

    Will try 1 cap AT2 tomorrow morning with 1.5 scoop Alphamine to assess tolerance.

  8. Tried it prewo this morning 1 cap AT2 with 1.5 scoop Alphamine and 50mg Forskolin-95.

    Within the first 20-30 minutes I felt kind of weird - hard to describe really - but not like a pleasant weird, if that makes any sense.
    Then I started my workout and it subsided.

    Could have just been beta alanine. Just started back up on it yesterday and dosed 3 caps of SNS BA also prewo.

    This was fasted by the way. Only had 10g BCAA.

    Will try 1 cap AT2 with my afternoon Alphamine and reevaluate.

  9. No isssues with AT2 last 3 dosages.
    Only thing is.. I'm sweating bullets

    Going to keep stacking it with Alphamine and Forskolin.
    Should make for some interesting weeks.

  10. What's your dosing protocol of the AT2? Still using 1 cap per dose or have you increased?
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  11. Yes, dosing 1 cap with both my Alphamine doses.

    Going to try to up to 2 caps AT2 with my prewo so I get 3 caps total per day.

  12. When citrus splash arrives at my door I think I will cry with happiness lol.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    When citrus splash arrives at my door I think I will cry with happiness lol.
    Haha. You and me both..

    Tried 2 caps AT2 prewo today and just had the most amazing workout!!
    Definitely gonna keep stacking it.

    Regarding AT2 - is it better to dose 2 caps in the AM or is it fine prewo in the afternoon?

  14. As long as it is on an empty stomach and doesn't keep you awake then I doubt it would matter much.
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  15. Got ya.

    I will get back to soaking my tshirt then..


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