Alphamine/Enhanced and their effects on Blood P/Heart Rate

  1. Alphamine/Enhanced and their effects on Blood P/Heart Rate

    Alphamine - loved it; seems the effects are diminishing pretty fast (at least from a hunger diminishing standpoint). Never had the desire to fall asleep at work since taking it which used to happen all the time. I seem to be starving around 10am after dosing 1.5-1.75 scoops @ 7:30am (I am doing IF so my last meal is usually 7pm at the latest)

    I could realistically dose 2 scoops alphamine, 2 scoops alphamine, then 2 scoops enhanced and be fine from a brain, stomach, etc standpoint, the only organ I am not trusting in that situation is my heart. Last time my BP was measured was right after 1.5 scoops of enhanced 1 hour post-gym, and it was 160/100 (I asked her if I won a prize lol)

    I'm curious as to if anyone has tested pre and post ingestion of alphamine/enhanced (both or either) for their heart rate and blood pressure? May be time to get a "heart" supplement.

    Also blown away how Enhanced can elicit such huge pumps in that little scoop.

    Also, what PES supplement is recommended to "harden up"? OGE + ABE?

  2. Blood pressure reaction to stimulant intake can vary from individuals and I'll let some others chime in on that. I have noted lowered BP and HR with Enhanced though (my personal anecdote).

    As far as "hardening up" that is the name of the game for Erase/Erase Pro. Many rave about this attribute when used (given you are at a low enough body fat % and proper diet/training/etc). ABE + Erase definitely would manifest some positive effects in body composition change.
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  3. Im at the bottom of my tub of Alphamine and have had high bp for a few years now. My stimulant of choice was jacked and I practically lived off it for energy. 2 days ago I went to the doc because its been over a year and just like to have a general check up. My bp was normal this time. Can't say for sure if its the alphamine or pump spray I'm using, but I can say that I did dose 2 scoops about 3 hrs earlier before my workout. Jacked had my bp trashed to the point I was on meds. Take it for what its worth, but I must say, alphamine is the 1st PES product I have used and I'm impressed! Already planning on erase/pump spray/alphamine run next week.

  4. Hr was normal also.

  5. you can monitor your bp and heart rate with a minimum dosage, but you may need to consult with your doctor/cardiologist.
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