Alpha T-2/Erase Pro/Alphamine Stack?

  1. Alpha T-2/Erase Pro/Alphamine Stack?

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to get everybody's opinion on stacking Alpha T-2 with Erase Pro and Alphamine? Im currently a week into Erase Pro and Alphamine and I'm enjoying these products tremendously. But should I just ride this stack out for 8 weeks and see what happens, or should I add in Alpha T-2?

    My goal is maximum fatloss while preserving muscle. I'm also currently taking a mutli, creatine mono, glutamine and BCAA intraworkout.


  2. You could add in AlphaT2 for the final 4 weeks of your 8 week run if you want to bump things up a notch. Alphamine + Erase Pro is already VERY effective so anything additional is not necessary, but the addition of AlphaT2 can be beneficial.
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  3. Thanks for the advice bolt10. I noticed Alpha T-2 is pretty cheap on NutraPlanet so I'm going to get a bottle and follow your suggestion.

  4. Should see some great results with that combo.
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