Vanillean / PR-XT / Nolvadren XT / Anabeta / Forskolin

  1. Vanillean / PR-XT / Nolvadren XT / Anabeta / Forskolin

    Hey guys- First off let me say I loved PES Erase, both times I ran it.

    Taking advantage of the new years sales and ordered a stack consisting of

    2 x Vanilleans
    1 x PR-XT
    1 x AnaBeta
    2 x Novladren-XT
    1 x Synthetic Supplements Forskolin 95

    I'm looking for stack suggestions and help staggering everything. My primary goal is strength as I'd like to total 400/500/600 by the end of 2013 at a bodyweight of 198. I typically train in hard 6-9 week blocks followed by a deload week. I'm currently right around 200 (took a year break from the gym and let myself go to 220) and have some recomping I could do. Just looking for suggestions as I have a lot of fire power here and despite strength being my primary goal, there's no reason you can't look good naked in the process!

    BigJohn helped me in another thread I had asking the same question. I would ideally want to stretch this into a 12 week cycle as I think you can see effects from Nolvadren-XT for a week or so after even if you discontinue use. i'd also like to combine the forskolin and anabeta to have an ABE like effect. I'll probably log this too for everyones feedback.

  2. I answered, but someone else may chime in if you are looking for more feedback.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123 View Post
    I answered, but someone else may chime in if you are looking for more feedback.
    Thanks John, I saw your response and appreciate it. Just looking for as many responses as possible as I don't typically run this many compounds, even though I have experience with most individually.

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