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  1. Does the high dose testofen kick in in 1 dose for you and have a cialis like effect?
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  2. for sure, about 4.5-5 grams and Im good to go for at least an hour, usually 2, so I guess its more like viagra.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Does the high dose testofen kick in in 1 dose for you and have a cialis like effect?
    I also use the same hole for a few years now, if it were a new one Im sure I could push it to the fun old days of real cialis trib

  4. alrighty, ordered more erase, though it hasnt gotten here yet, supplement warehouse takes forever to ****, fyi with the price match I got it for 19.55 and 26 with shipping and some pre workout samples. Im going to wait a short time after completing this pct, like 3-4 weeks post before starting test cyp. I know that I should wait longer, but Im simply alright with the abuse. I really want to try triptoreling in pct, since Im not using a serm currently I was thinking of trying out my dose of triptorelin to guage its effectiveness and decide If its worth using after a test cycle. I know some reps want to see anabeta/erase solo in pct but it could only get better, I hear it will make me want to hump walls, that sounds good to me pre cycle cause than I can hump walls that much longer. Wel see the, injecting the castration drug is a scary thought

  5. ok, so I ordered erase its still not here, thats irritating, I can feel my cort rising, last night I was just irritated, tired and the libido is down from such low cals to. Cant wait for it to get here, great product but a bogo or two for 50 deal is needed, 3 caps just for cort but the ai doesnt get there for me til 4. I need 4 caps a day to call it a 8 out of 10 and 5 caps for 10/10. People give me more statements like you look dry today etc. It seems like I always need higher doses of things for the benefits. Im going to bump up to six a day for about 4 days into pct on anabeta to see if that makes a difference 4-6 days is the minimum time it would take to feel a noticeably increase imo. Im on the last few days of dermacrine so I hope erase gets here soon, I will post up picks post dermacrine on my last day and than some more in pct. Another not strength is up still, I like taking anabeta pre workout, I stick one in my shoe and take it with my dextrose shake, one post workout meal and my second to last meal, the tbooster/natural anabolics make me breakout before bed.

  6. alright man my dermacrine bottle seems endless, I think it will last til monday maybe tuesday. So Im really light now, according to layne we should loos 1-1.5 pounds a week I hit 1.7 so pretty close, I been upping bcaas and found out that there are 20 calories per five grams and I have been taking 25 grams perday in between meals and post only. I will post pics tonight about 5 days ago bodyfat was 7.5 at 168 now at 166.2- so say 166 minus underwear and socks lol I have to be 7% hopefully. Im taking pics tonight and If I can manage to steal my neighbors internet I will post them up, either way im taking them I like to take them pre refeed to look dry especially since I have been off erase. Erase finally came to, so my pct is gonna come soon, im not doing triptorelin, thats a expensive shot to waste. Just more DAA/Erase, Anabeta 6 caps and Im starting to try out concrete by promera with beta alanine at 8 grams a day, been off both now to see if I can feel a difference in strength. So Im going to up calories by 25 a day since I was close to the 1.5 loss goal. so weekly cals will be 1750-1775, I have to recalculate macrose since weight has changed, I dont need as much protein 30% from fat 1.5 times 166 will be my new pro level and the rest is carbs, and bcaas. On another not Ghrp6 and Bcaas- anyone know whats up with that, bcaa release stored insulin and you want no insulin release post ghrp injects because it blunts the gh puls but at such a low total carbs it cant be much rise in insulin, as well as I thought ghrp6 metabolizes leucine which would be nice pre workout meal, for better protein syn, any ideas? Hopefully pics up tonight than once Im done anabeta/ erase I will do more

  7. In for pics.

  8. should hve took pics today my refeed really filled me out more than usual witout bloat, but oh well. I will put up more pics post anabeta use

  9. well its gym time, will be back later, any thoughts, my abs are much leaner since the beggining pics, I can post them in black and white if you like I have them in that version to

  10. well i hope some people are still folowing this log, dermacrine looks like tomorrow is the last day, probably four pumps though. Pct will be erase and anabeta only, vit c, and the usual staples 6g beta alanine, concrete creatine, 3-6 grams citruline malate, preworkout etc.

    anabeta going to 6 caps, got to but another bottle soon.
    erase 2 for a day or 2, than3 for the rest of week 1/
    week2-3 week3-3 week 4-3 if I messs up y ghrp than so be it, I only have a week or so left of it to use anyway, what anabolism could I loose.

    Strength is way up since my carb up, on my refeed I blew lifts out by ten pounds or 2 reps. Squated 305 for five- not bad for 166 pre carb up

  11. reps have any suggestions,I like 4 a day but thats costly especially if Ibuy another anabeta bottle, but wel see, money has just been flying my way this last month or 2, and te new job starts in a week- So stoked, I may have to have a cheat day for that! pizza cornbread, barbecue, donuts, engorge myself, but who knows i may wait it out, either way if I do a cheat day i will make it warrior diet or intermittent fasting style and skip my weekly carb up

  12. alrighty, sorry for the lack of updates, started working and been busy learning the ropes, been celebrating with a good dinner. I have decided to eat a little over maintenance, since im the new guy all eyes are on me so If I can gain a little mass before my test dzine cycle the weight gain will look linear vs all the sudden. I want to keep my head low there for a while


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